The Face of Revive Interiors

Our Mission is to help customers realise their design ideas. We are here to offer support through those exciting changes in life. Whether that be moving into your first home/flat, upsizing, downsizing or renovating. Or just finding that single piece of perfect furniture that will make you happy. Here at Revive interiors, we want to share our passion for unique furniture & our industrial vintage aesthetic. Primarily we stock pieces what we love, often these are eclectic and a little different, but always beautiful.

Furthermore, you can trust we source the best quality & the best prices. So you don’t have to spend your precious spare time searching for the right pieces. Weare here to share our expertise and ideas while working hard to stock the perfect pieces of furniture to create that designer look.

Our Team is here to help you create an environment that’s authentic, practical & ultimately happy.

Hi, I’m Donna,

I am just one member of a small team of people that make this Interiors design shop special.

Everyone at Revive Interiors is passionate about natural organic materials and working hard just to make your space beautiful & you happy.

The importance of natural elements in your home contributes to our overall mental health and general well being.

The design of our homes makes us feel better and live better lives.

Research studies reveal that places impact our behaviour and motivation. As well as act to facilitate or discourage interactions and both create or reduce stress.

Our Mission is to help everyone make their homes a beautiful, happy & healthy space.

When you visit Revive Interiors, our Team is warm, welcoming, and our environment is inspiring.

Our Team are here to support and awaken the Designer in you to ensure you have the confidence to make your home uniquely yours!

We are here to help you…

  • Match your soft furnishings & create colour palettes.
  • Find the perfect piece of furniture for your space.
  • Share design ideas & our many years of furniture expertise.
  • Help you create ideas to suit your budget.
  • Ensuring the pieces you have chosen, actually, fit without risk.
  • Source the perfect piece of furniture at the best price, so you don’t have to.

Revive Your Home & Reflect Your Soul.