Furniture Finding

Let us help you find the right piece of furniture or lighting.

Here at Revive Interiors we hopefully have what you want, but we can’t stock everything for every space, but that doesn’t mean we cant help you!
We offer support & recommendations for finishes and combinations, respecting the tastes and budget requirements.
In fact, thanks to our experience and contacts we can help you to choose the product most suited to your needs and spending limits.

On your behalf we would visit furniture showrooms and compare quotes and stock to find solutions with the best price/quality ratio.

The furniture industry is vast, and often it is not easy for a layman to recognise the best products, at the risk of easily buy one of poor quality at a high price, or suit not suited to your unique needs.

This way we help you to save valuable time to devote to family and work, and avoid the stress of finding the perfect piece at the best price.

We basically act as your FREE Home Personal Shopper.

We will select a limited number of options from which you can choose.
You can then decide yes or no, or to continue the search until the right piece is found.

You can come to us to find that single piece of furniture to decorate your room or for your whole house/apartment.

What ever you want, we are only a phone call away.

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