Unique Industrial Furniture

Why We Love Industrial Furniture

Industrial furniture not only looks great, but its also practical & durable. This  makes Industrial design perfect for busy family life.  This organic functional style can easily be incorporated into your existing decor.  For example, just one or two well appointed key pieces can instantly update a tired space.  Whilst a whole collection of  repurposed & reclaimed industrial furniture can be reimagined, creating a more edgy, modern industrial style space.

Whats more if you want to recreate impact for very little cost, Industrial design would be the best way to go. What not to love about design thats is practical, affordable and looks great!

Handcrafted & Unique

Here at Revive Interiors we aim to bring you unique, creative, handcrafted, high quality furniture, that also offers great value for money.

With more than 20 year experience in this field, we feel industrial furniture ticks all of the above boxes.

We just love it & know you will love it to!


Industrial design is aspirational for people of all ages and backgrounds. Besides who doesn’t love a reclaimed piece of wood with contrived patina repurposed as a table? Similarly whats not to love about a sculptural moulded metal chairs?  If you love nature you’ll love Industrial design. It connects you with your natural environment by bringing the outside and instantly gives your space an organic feel!

The natural reclaimed wood, repurposed metal and exposed brick acts as a back-drop for your own personality & design style.  Once you have introduced your finishing touches the space becomes a truely authentic design.

Durable & Practical

Industrial pieces withstand the knocks, spills, scratches and scrapes of everyday life. Industrial design has the edge when it comes to durability & practicality. Both solid wood and metal pieces are very forgiving.  Mark & scratches are easily erased with a sand & polish.  Ensuring  the piece is once again restored to its natural beauty.

Industrial furniture embraces & displays the contrived patina with pride. The scares of an aged well-used piece of solid wood confronts you with happy memories spent with family & friends. You don’t have to be precious or protective with this furniture you just have to use it and love it.   In return it rewards you with with feelings of comfort & nostalgia.

Create Your Own Unique Industrial Look

Industrial furniture doesn’t have to be cold and void of luxury, so don’t worry  if thats your thing. You can easily incorporate & blend all manner of styles & designs.

Here at Revive we have redefined this aesthetic by softening it with classical vintage pieces & beautiful soft furnishings, giving us a very eclectic vibe.

You can easily develop your own style by dressing it up with the use of luxury fabrics & vintage upholstery.  Conversely it can be toned down to create a more inspired, honest & organic look!

Either option looks fantastic, so the choice is all yours!

At Revive Interiors we want to inspire you to get creative.  You don’t have to be a slave to a raw industrial design. Dress it up to give it a touch of  Lux.  Compliment the reclaimed materials using Pantone colours.  Add a bright velvet sofa or chair.  Make it cosy & inviting with super slinky fur throw, or a wool or metallic textured cushion.

Conversely dress it down for a more modern loft style design. Use a wooden pallet as a coffee table, splash lots of green leafy plants around for a minimalist organic feel. Perfect for the partying socialites amongst you.

The industrial pieces we find would compliment & enhance many different style of decor, from Vintage, Mid-Century Modern, to Retro, Rustic & Contemporary.

Don’t Follow the crowd Lead It!

Our Mission

Our mission is to find the perfect piece of furniture that gives your space the WOW factor! Pieces that we know your friends & family will admire & you will love for many years to come.

Quality is Key

Sometimes we stock pieces that may not be our usual aesthetic, but we love them all the same.  These unique finds will be stocked simply because we feel that they offer quality, affordability & style you can’t find elsewhere.  They could be on trend pieces, classic pieces or vintage pieces.  So the key here is to always check out what we have in stock.  We wouldn’t want you to miss out on that perfect piece.

Need Help?

Don’t panic, that’s what we are here for. We pride ourselves on offering a personal service.  Please just message us with your questions using Contact Form, or if you prefer to speak to someone please just ring Shop: 01302 832745 , or Donna: 07761077920.