Teenage Girls Bedroom


Teen Room Goals

I wanted to design a room on a limited budget that was both fun and easily updated, to ensure it remained age appropriate for years to come.


Enza” Girl aged 13 with no specific tastes

Project Brief

On a limited budget I had to purchase large pieces of furniture these had to match the existing bed. In addition to this I had to incorporate the exposed 70’s brick work into the my design.

The plan

My first step was to formulate a collection of inspirational ideas. Although the end result is never exact,  this is especially true if I’m working to a budget, it pretty tricky if you are trying to source preloved pieces.  Clearly you can only work with whats available.

Vintage Chic with a Modern Teen Twist

We went with a vintage theme.  Why? Because, we couldn’t get hold of descent quality furniture large enough to fill the room within budget.  Furthermore vintage pieces offer great value for money. Plus the task was to ensure the existing bed matched the furniture, and smaller flat pack furniture just wouldn’t  cut it!

 Painting the seventies exposed brick work was the most cost effect way to incorporate it into the vintage scheme.  Although I did sand & transfer vintage postcards to the brick to give it a little texture & depth and interest .

To save money the existing curtains were dyed.  Although they weren’t perfect the addition of the voiles did softened the large windows and made them look pretty whilst ensuring privacy.

Future Potential

The room naturally splits itself into two parts.  the design played to this separation  creating both vintage chill out area for friends and then the sleeping area which. was more teen styled.   Both sides of the room have a  travel theme.  One the vintage side 1920’s post cards, on the  vintage side  a large wall .  For the future, both the bed and the quilt can easily be changed out for something more age appropriate.


Its always nice to personalise a room, ensuring  its has an authenticity about the designThis was achieved this with the vinyl map & the line of LED lights were pictures of friends  could be hung ( bag off pegs provided) The LED lights also served to illuminate the map and give a warm cosy feel to the sleeping area. In addition old cases were decorated with vintage post cards and offered a great storage solution  for school books


The room is dark despite the two big windows.  This is mainly because the lights are near to the windows and the ceilings were low.  In order to address this the ceiling was painted in the same colour as the walls & lots mood lighting was added. 

My Favourite Bit

it was impossible to find to large matching vintage style light shades on budget. So the alternative was to used to different ones, and to my surprise they worked perfectly.   The mismatched pairs compliment the quirky feel of the room and just added a little something to the overall vintage vibe.