Industrial Pipework Pendant Light


6 Bulb Handcrafted  Metal  industrial Pipework Pendant Light

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You are going to love this industrial pipework pendant light. Whats more the craftsmanship superb.  Its guaranteed to elevate your space by immediately adding that designer element.

Revive Interiors Recommends

This pendant light operates using 6 bulbs, giving out a fair amount of light depending on the bulbs you choose.

“Revive Interiors” recommends you add warm LED bulbs, if you want to use your light over a dining table. This will give you a softer, warmer light creating a more ambient feel.   If you are not sure where to hang your light a rough guide would be between 28-32 inches above your dining table. This is only rough guide, so please do not be afraid to adjust it to your personal preference.  Alternatively “Revive Interiors” suggests adding white LED bulbs to create bright task lighting, perfect if you are considering this light for your kitchen.  6 bulbs will give you plenty of strong lighting essential if you have a large and dark kitchen area.


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